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LED High Bay Light 160W
AOK New i Series LED High Bay Light/Flood Light/Tunnel Light
LED Canopy Light 120W
AOK New 2014 iR Series LED Canopy Light, Gas Station Light
LED Street Light 120W
AOK 4th Generation LED Street Light, with top reliability and efficiency.
LED Module
AOK LED Module,30-36W, 36V-42VDC, for all of AOK LED Tunnel Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Canopy Light, LED Street Light, 28°,60*80°,9

Found in 1998, AOK Industrial Company Limited has been in LED lighting industry for more than ten years, in 2006, we achieve ISO9001:2000 Certification. In the new decade from 2011, now we are a member of National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance and has been one of the biggest export companies in China mainla...

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